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Extreme Cardboard Racing

Nickelodeon Multi Brand Top Down Racing Game

Take control of a character from either The Loud House or the Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn universes and drive on 3 different tracks in this run, top-down racer. Combining characters from 2 Nickelodeon shows, one live action and one animated, meant the Art Of Play team had to carefully craft a style which worked for both shows. The "blockhead" cell shaded 3D apporached worked well, with each of the characters instantly recognisable and consistent.

A selection of 8 characters and 3 diffrent tracks set in 3 household environments (tabletop, kitchen floor and garden, with a definite nod to the classic Micromachines games of the 16 bit era) added plenty of variety while obstacles such as skidmarks, timed gates, oil slicks and rough terrain make the gameplay interesting. The player's driving gets stored as a "ghost car" for the player to race against on subsequent attempts to beat their own time.

  • Project: Extreme Cardboard Racing
  • Client: Nickelodeon
  • Role: Lead Developer, Art Of Play Games
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