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General Joyride

A mobile first social game for Facebook's Instant Games platform

The floor really is lava, and your task is to drive from platform to platform and avoid falling in while working your way up through the ranks from private to general. General Joyride is one of a number of hyper casual games we built in 2019 to test Facebook's new Instant Games platform.

A highly optimised, instant loading, social game General Joyride is simple enough to learn in a few seconds yet draws players back with a number of retention features and a compelling core game loop.

General Joyride is just one in a collection of Instant Games we built at Art Of Play Games during 2019 to test the platform, each one designed to test a different aspect gaming on a highly social, instant loading platform. Other games we have deployed on Facebook Instant Games to date include Dragon vs Vikings, Kitty Litter Kart Racing, Dynamite Drop and Curse of the Candy.

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  • Project: General Joyride
  • Client: Self, Art Of Play Games
  • Role: Lead Developer, Art Of Play Games
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