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The Doom Game

Invader Zim

The Doom Game is an epic puzzle adventure game where the player alternates between controlling Zim and Gir as they navigate around the level, collecting items and solving puzzles. The game was carefully crafted so that only by using Zim and Gir's individual abilities together could the player complete each of the 10 missions, and ultimately finish the game. The game was built to scale fluidly to accommodate all screen sizes and devices, and plays just as well on both mobile and desktop platforms.

A large map was created with several different environments including Zim's lair, the school, the school yard, the house and the garden. Zim and Gir both need to find their disguises before they are able to leave the house, and as the game progresses they find different challenges to overcome in each invironment. One of the missions involves finding the lost keys to the Voot Cruiser. After returning to the Voot with the keys, they are able to take the cruiser for a spin in a mini arcade bonus game.

  • Project: The Doom Game : Invader Zim
  • Client: Nickelodeon Australia
  • Role: Lead Developer, Art Of Play Games
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