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Lady Death: Demonicron

No rest of the wicked!!

Lady Death made her first appearance in Evil Ernie #1 published in December 1991 by Chaos Comics. Spun off into her own comic in 1994, she's currently celebrating her 30th anniversary, now published by Coffin Comics, the company owned and operated by her creator, Brian Pulido. Art Of Play teamed up with Brian and the Coffin Comics team to develop the brand's first official videogame.

LADY DEATH: DEMONICRON will be a side-scrolling, sword slicing, magic wielding, fifteen level, multiplayer beat-em-up that takes the best aspects of the 1990’s arcade classics: A little bit of Streets Of Rage, a pinch of Golden Axe and a dash of Mortal Kombat – all mixed together with a killer 90’s industrial-metal soundtrack!

“It’s been thirty years since Lady Death’s comic book debut,” says Creator Brian Pulido. “It’s high time for a video game. Art of Play’s “comic centric” approach will deliver the goods just as Lady Death fans expect.”

The game is currently in production after we ran a successful Kickstarter campaign, hitting our funding target of $233,000 AUD un 55 hours.

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