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Smiggle Island

A collection of 20 web games and apps

Over a 3 year period, Art Of Play Games developed a collection of 20 web games for the Smiggle Brand, culminating in Smiggle Island - a 5 level platform adventure. The other games, while smaller in scope, covered a wide range of themes and game mechanics, from rhythm games to endless runners, puzzle games, platformers, driving games and more.

We developed a custom backend for Smiggle so each game not only incldued an online leaderboard but also a data aquisition system where players were invited to enter their details to be added to the Smiggle email marketing system. Several of the games were also ported to native apps for release on the iOS App Store in Australia.

  • Project: Smiggle Island
  • Client: Smiggle
  • Role: Lead Developer, Art Of Play Games
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