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Monsters vs Mutants is a time travelling beta-em-up game featuring 5 playabale characters, as the Turtles battle classic monsters from ancient Ejypt to modern day New York City. You take control of 2 characters who tag team through the levels, brawling with mummies, vampires, werewolves, Frankenstein's Monster and more until the final battle with Savanti Romero!

The game is based on three episodes of the Tales of the TMNT season of the 2012 TV series: The Curse of Savanti Romero, The Crypt of Dracula, and The Frankenstein Experiment.

We packed the game with features, from the classic TMNT arcade throw mechanic, to powerful special moves and pickups, and unlockable character, and intersting boss fights. Each level allows the player to select two characters, one of which is a "back-up" character which will be tagged in once the primary character is defeated. The player has access to a single basic attack, which will turn into a combo upon rapid successful hits, as well as a jump. Pressing attack in the air will deliver a diving jump kick. Players can also press the jump and attack buttons together to perform a spinning attack, press toward the enemy twice to perform a dash attack, and when the potion meter is full, unleash a special attack,

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