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Hero Clash 2

Power Rangers vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I’ve been lucky enough to work on more than a dozen TMNT games over the years I’ve been developing games for Art Of Play Games. A lifelong fan of the brand since the 80’s it’s always a pleasure to work on anything Turtles related, but this was my first experience working on Power Rangers material which meant learning about a whole world of characters, special modes and fighting styles.

This was a truly mammoth project - 34 playable characters, 7 rich environments, 4 game modes, special moves, an online weekly tournament system and much more. This entire project was a massive team effort, which paid off in droves as the game was a big success for the client driving great numbers and engagement. As sole programmer on the project for both the game client and handling the weekly tournament API calls I’m proud to have been part of that success.

  • Project: Power Rangers vs TMNT
  • Client: Nickelodeon
  • Role: Lead Developer, Art Of Play Games
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