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Golf ADBREAK Championship


Advertising agency Tribal approached Art Of Play to develop an in-brwoser, play anywhere, 3D racing game to show of Volkswagen's new Golf GTI.

The brief was for a QR code shown during 30 second TV adverts to take the player straight into the game, and allow players to compete against each other in real time to win a Golf GTI.

We teamed up with our good friends at Lumberfly for much of the 3D modelling, and they did a fantastic job. Their experience is more in high poly modelling and rendering for TV, so the first thing I did was build a custom file viewer which they could test their models in, with the same render settings we’d be using in the final game. This allowed us to iterate fast, find and eliminate problems early on, and dial in light and camera settings during asset creation.

The technology stack we used was Phaser 3 for the game logic with Three.js to render the 3D environment, and I wrote a custom interface between the 2 libraries allowing them to work seamlessly together and used Cannon-es (a maintained fork of Cannon.js) for the physics.

The game was a huge success, winning three awards including the Grand Prix at the Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity 2022 Awards!

Here's an article I wrote about the development process.

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